I'm Fadhil Fo'ad, a video and digital media creative based in Singapore with over 6 years of experience crafting visually captivating content that resonates with audiences.
My journey began at an interior design firm where I honed my skills as a videographer, delving into projects ranging from interior photos to dynamic home tour videos that showcased the essence of design. Drawing from my background in architecture, I bring a unique perspective to my work, understanding what truly matters to viewers by delivering content that resonates deeply.
Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to expand my skill set, I recently completed a Digital Communications course. This journey has equipped me with the tools to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of media content creation, digital marketing, and user-centered design.
Whether I'm weaving narratives through short films or curating compelling visuals for clients, my goal remains the same: to create authentic, impactful content that connects with audiences on a personal level.
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